The Carriage Hills Homeowners' Association, Inc. is a Texas non-profit corporation.  Association membership is automatic when you purchase a home within the development.  Most residents recognize that the Association maintains the common areas owned by the HOA at the Mission Ridge and Brougham entrances, but our purpose is much broader. Per the Association's bylaws, our purpose is to bring about civil betterment and social improvement of the community through the following activities:

  • Preserve and beautify community property in cooperation with local government.
  • Promote public safety and crime prevention in the community.
  • Publish a community newsletter.
  • Sponsor public meetings of community residents.
  • Review zoning and public school matters affecting the community.
  • Encourage community residents to maintain their property, and prevent physical deterioration of the community.
  • Any other activities, not inconsistent with the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act or those sections of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 relating to tax exempt organizations, designed to enhance the common good and general welfare of the Association.

While it is not implicitly required by our bylaws, the Association also communicates through this website and social media.


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Carriage Hills Homeowners Association
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